Can you help? Absolutely

There are many creative ways that you can help raise much needed funds to continue our work.
Here are some ideas:Auction

Hold a dinner and get sporting or entertainment memorabilia to auction. There are many companies that will give you items on a sale or return basis.
Art Exhibition
Arrange an exhibition of local artists. Charge an entry fee and get commission on paintings sold
Invite your friends to a BBQ and ask them to make a donation.
Bad Tie Day
Charge your work colleagues a fee to wear a bad tie. If they do not wear one, charge them double
Charity Ball
Organise a themed ball with DJ or live music at a nightclub or hotel. You can team it with a memorabilia auction.
Dog Show
Charge an entry fee and get local pet stores to sponsor the event.
Organise a themed dance like Barn Dance/ Line dance/Square dance.
Garage Sale
Arrange a garage sale and ask your friends and neighbours to give you items to sell.
Golf Tournament
Charge an entry fee and get local businesses to donate prizes for each hole and for the
overall winner.
Karaoke Night
Charge an entry fee for singers and spectators. Include raffles and maybe auctions.
Lunch Money
Ask your work friends to pack a lunch and donate their lunch money to Myeloma Australia.
Just about any hobby or sport lends itself to an “athon” Eg: walkathon / swimathon / danceathon.
Party Presents
If you are having a birthday party and your friends ask you what you would like for your birthday, you might suggest that they make a donation to the Foundation instead of buying you a present (do you really want more socks and undies anyway?). Special donation envelopes are available to send out with your invitations.
Swear Box
Place a swear box at your office or home or club and for every swear word uttered, the fine is $1.00.
Trivia Night
Organise a trivia night and charge teams entry fees. You could get donations from local businesses to use as prizes.
Wine & Cheese Party
Ask local supermarkets and bottle shops to donate wine and cheese then charge an entry fee.

If you have any other ideas you would like to share with others, please email Pina Civitarese at or alternatively call her at head office on (03) 9428 7444 or Toll Free
on 1300 632 100.