1. What is Myeloma?
  2. What are the different kinds of Myeloma and why are my symptoms different to someone else?
  3. Which blood tests are important and what do the numbers mean?
  4. How are the bones affected by Myeloma and will the lesions in my bones ever go away?
  5. What is ONJ and what is the risk that I will get it?
  6. How do I find a GP or specialist who knows about Myeloma?
  7. Why have my kidneys been affected by Myeloma?
  8. Is Myeloma hereditary and should I have my family tested?
  9. What is a stem cell transplant and why should I have one?
  10. What kinds of side effects can I expect from Thalidomide/Lenalidomide/Velcade?
  11. I have MGUS or smouldering Myeloma, how long will it take for symptomatic Myeloma
    to develop?
  12. Can I take complementary medications?