ROMP – The Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program

Initiated by the Rotary Club of Camberwell the Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program (ROMP) is a formal collaboration between the Rotary Club of Camberwell and Myeloma Australia, the only myeloma specific charitable organisation in Australia. ROMP is a certified R100 project and part of the celebration of Rotary in Australasia in 2021.

The greater the number of Rotary Clubs engaged with the ROMP initiative, the more the resources that will be applied to myeloma awareness in wider regional communities.

Every week, 38 Australians are diagnosed with myeloma, an incurable type of blood cancer that develops in the bone marrow. Despite this, many people have never heard of myeloma until they, or a loved one, are diagnosed with it.  This May, Myeloma Australia plans to change this via the launch of 38mate.

38mateis a one-month flagship digital campaign aimed at raising awareness about myeloma and showing support and solidarity for people living with myeloma.

Myeloma Australia invites your Rotary Club and all Rotarians to help us promote our 38mate campaign this May.

In partnership with:

The campaign hinges around  two core components:

1. 38mate videos

A series of eight short, high impact videos that spread a loud and clear message about what myeloma is, its prevalence, and the work Myeloma Australia is doing to support the myeloma community. The videos will be shared via the myeloma website at and our online social platforms.

2. 38matecap:

38matecaps will be sold via Myeloma Australia’s online shop for $38 (including postage) for a pair of caps – one for you and one for a mate. The caps will serve as myeloma conversation starters in homes, workplaces and the community. They will also drive social media engagement in the campaign, as people will be asked to take a selfie of themselves wearing the cap and upload it to their social platforms with the hashtag #38mate and tagging Myeloma Australia’s social pages.

You can assist us in the following ways:

  • Show the series of 38mate short videos – including the introductory video below – at Rotary Club meetings.
  • Sharing Myeloma Australia’s digital content from our website, Facebook and other social media platforms to Rotary Club pages and/or personal Rotarians’ pages – asking people to keep the sharing going.
  • Driving 38mate cap sales in your community – promoting the caps at local schools, sporting clubs, churches, businesses.

As our other videos become available throughout the month of May, they will be added to the 38mate landing page and to our socials. Do please check regularly for updates!

Thank you for supporting ROMP and Myeloma Australia.