PLEASE NOTE: Events in QLD & NSW have been rescheduled to Sunday 29th May 2022. We apologise that all events could not run as scheduled.

Join Myeloma Australia’s first ever national fundraising and awareness walk

Sunday 29th May 2022


Introducing 3.8 with a mate

3.8 with a mate (3.8) is our way of further supporting the 38mates who are diagnosed with myeloma each week in Australia.

The 3.8 is a COMMUNITY EVENT designed to raise funds and awareness for Myeloma Australia. It can be a 3.8km walk – or a variation of this – it is a simple, achievable and community building event. We understand and appreciate that NOT everyone wants to, or is able to, run a 10km or half marathon – we are keen for the 3.8 to be as inclusive as possible.

Myeloma Australia is committed to community. We are looking for individuals and families – those affected by myeloma and their networks – to come together for a 3.8 event and to walk together in solidarity; to raise both awareness about myeloma and vital funds for Myeloma Australia.

The 3.8 is the next chapter of the 38mate story. The 3.8 continues the theme of raising awareness about myeloma and introduces the broader public to the important work of Myeloma Australia within the community. Alongside awareness raising The 3.8 is designed to be a fundraising campaign.

The concept of The 3.8 is for Myeloma Australia to facilitate multiple 3.8 events across Australia on Sunday 27th February 2022. The 3.8 is simple! It can be anywhere in Australia, in any city, town or region.

How to be a part of 3.8 with a mate

You can be a participant and fundraise for Myeloma Australia, or you if you can’t find an event in your local area you can ‘walk where you want’ and start your own 3.8 with your mates. Or you could become an Event Organiser (EO), assisting our Fundraising team to set up events anywhere across the country.

3.8 with a mate update

We are pleased to advise that over 600 people registered for 3.8 events across Australia, you can visit our socials to see some wonderful photos, or keep an eye out for the next edition of MyeNews to read about the first ever 3.8 with a mate!

Due to severe weather and storms across NSW & QLD, these events were sadly postponed, but we are excited to announce that NSW and QLD are ready and are looking forward to 3.8 with a mate, now scheduled for Sunday 29th May 2022.

Register to be a participant

Joining 3.8 with a mate is easy! Simply purchase a registration pack from our online shop to get started. Each adult registration includes a Team Myeloma t-shirt and each junior registration includes a 38mate cap.

Once you register, encourage your friends and family to sponsor your 3.8 efforts by starting your very own JustGiving page. The Myeloma Australia Fundraising team will support, advise and cheer you on each step of the way as you promote and participate in The 3.8.

You can find a local 3.8 event near you by visiting our online shop or you can ‘walk where you want’.

Be an Event Organiser (EO)

As an independent not-for profit organisation, we rely on the generosity of our community to support us, not just via donations but also with hands on assistance during events such as The 3.8.

We are asking members of our community to consider becoming an Event Organiser allowing Myeloma Australia to simultaneously run 3.8 with a mate across the country. If you would like to learn more about hosting a 3.8 in your own area, you can call Rob on  0401 043 904 or email us at

How to get involved with The 3.8