Join Myeloma Australia’s 2nd national fundraising and awareness walk

Sunday 5th March 2023

Introducing 3.8 with a mate

3.8 with a mate (3.8) is our way of further supporting the approximately 38mates who are diagnosed with myeloma each week in Australia.

The 3.8 is a COMMUNITY EVENT designed to raise funds and awareness for Myeloma Australia. It can be a 3.8km walk – or a variation of this – it is a simple, achievable and community building event. We understand and appreciate that NOT everyone wants to, or is able to, run a 10km or half marathon – we are keen for the 3.8 to be as inclusive as possible.

Myeloma Australia is committed to community. We are looking for individuals and families – those affected by myeloma and their networks – to come together for a 3.8 event and to walk together in solidarity; to raise both awareness about myeloma and vital funds for Myeloma Australia.

The 3.8 is the next chapter of the 38mate story. The 3.8 continues the theme of raising awareness about myeloma and introduces the broader public to the important work of Myeloma Australia within the community. Alongside awareness raising The 3.8 is designed to be a fundraising campaign.

The concept of The 3.8 is for Myeloma Australia to facilitate multiple 3.8 events across Australia on Sunday 5th March 2023.

How to be a part of 3.8 with a mate

You can be a participant and fundraise for Myeloma Australia, or you if you can’t find an event in your local area you can ‘walk where you want’ and start your own 3.8 with your mates.

3.8 with a mate update

We are pleased to advise that over 600 people registered for 3.8 events across Australia in 2022, you can visit our socials to see some wonderful photos from these events.

Register to be a participant

Joining 3.8 with a mate is easy! Simply purchase a registration from our online shop to get started. You can also buy a Team Myeloma t-shirt or 38mate cap to wear on your walk.

Once you register, encourage your friends and family to sponsor your 3.8 efforts by starting your very own JustGiving page. The Myeloma Australia Fundraising team will support, advise and cheer you on each step of the way as you promote and participate in The 3.8.

Disclaimer:  All walkers taking part in the 3.8 walk do so at their own risk.  The walk is run based on being a group of friends who go walking together and invite others to join them.  Our walks are run by volunteers who are not first aiders and first aid won’t be available.  In the case of an emergency, emergency services will be called.  Event organisers and Myeloma Australia will assume no responsibility for anyone participating in a walk or for any accident, loss or injury as a result of the walk.

By registering for a walk, you indicate that you accept these conditions and accept that no legal liability is accepted by Myeloma Australia, the walkers or the event organisers in the event of accident or injury, however caused.  Walkers are responsible for assessing the safety of themselves and their own risk in participating.  

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash and muzzled if required by law,  at all times.

Where can I walk?

ACT – Canberra

NSW – Central Coast – Sydney Centennial Park

QLD – Woody Point – South Brisbane

VIC – Bendigo – Bayside Brighton – Hawthorn – Warrnambool

SA – Adelaide – Goolwa

WA – Perth

TAS – Ulverstone

No venue near you? Grab some friends and choose
“Walk Where You Want”

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Enquiries: e | t | 03 9428 7444

How to get involved with The 3.8