Myeloma Australia’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Group invites you to join us for

Pathways to a Cure

The 4th National Myeloma Workshop

21st – 23rd October 2022
Country Place Conference Centre, Kalorama, Victoria

Over 3 days in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges we will bring together researchers from basic science, translational and clinical medicine and nursing to explore new ideas in the pathophysiology and treatment of multiple myeloma.

Myeloma Australia’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Group invites you to watch the workshop On-Demand.  Purchase a ticket using the form below to receive your password to access the Event then tap the “Pathways to a Cure On-Demand” button.

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International Speakers

Professor Ajai Chari

Mt Sinai Hospital, USA

Professor Katja Weisel

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany

Professor Sigurður Yngvi Kristinsson

iStopMM, University of Iceland

Professor Adam D. Cohen, MD

University of Pennsylvania, USA

The 4th National Myeloma Workshop Timetable  21st – 23rd October 2022

DAY 1 – Friday 21st October
1900Opening Session
Myeloma incidence & care in 2022
Dr Nicholas Weber
1930iStopMM – Early detection and intervention in myelomaProf Sigurdur Kristinsson (v)
2030Australian data from the Myeloma and Related Disease RegistryDr Krystal Bergin
DAY 2 – Saturday 22nd October
0845Welcome and IntroductionProf Simon Harrison
Ms Hayley Beer
Session 1
Training T-cells to target tumours: Immunotherapy approaches in myeloma
Prof Simon Harrison
0900CAR T cells for myeloma – what have we learned?Prof Adam Cohen (v)
0930Bispecific approaches in multiple myelomaProf Ajai Chari
1000Lentiviral generation of CAR-T cells targeting kappa myeloma
antigen for the treatment of multiple myeloma
Prof Simon Harrison
1015Expression of kappa myeloma antigen (KMA) and lambda myeloma antigen (LMA) on bone marrow plasma cells in patients with multiple myeloma: implications for antibody and cellular therapyDr Mary Sartor
1030Uncovering effector mechanisms of bispecific T cell engaging antibodyMs Mika Casey
1045Morning Tea
Session 2
Laurence Catley Memorial Lecture
Prof Chris Ward
1115Laurence Catley Memorial LectureEmeritus Prof Doug Joshua
1200The myeloma drug, bortezomib, induces changes in the gastrointestinal microenvironment known to drive painJacqui Steele Scott (v)
1215Validation of the second revision of the International Staging System (R2-ISS) in a real-world myeloma population: A Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry StudyDr Joanne Tan (v)
Session 3
The marrow maelstrom of myeloma: Understanding bone disease & the myeloma microenvironment
Dr Kate Vandyke
1330Looking for Bigfoot: In situ intravital imaging of bone marrow niche dynamics in multiple myelomaA/Prof Edwin Hawkins
1400Therapeutic targeting of the myeloma microenvironment – are we there yet?Dr Krzysztof Mrozik
1430Targeted inhibition of myeloperoxidase (MPO) limits multiple myeloma progression in vivoDr Bill Panagopoulos
1445Spatially resolving the bone marrow microenvironment in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and multiple myelomaDr Melissa Cantley
1500Afternoon Tea
Session 4
Exploiting epitopes and enhancing efficacy: Novel agents and combinations
Dr Cindy Lee
1530ctDNA as a guide treatment in multiple myelomaProf Andrew Spencer
1600Professor Katja Weisel - University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, GermanyProf Katja Weisel (v)
1630Generation of an immunomodulatory-imide (IMiD) sensitive murine myeloma cell line via a humanized Cereblon geneDr Duncan Hewett
1645Therapeutic targeting of IRF4 to treat multiple myelomaDr Simon Willis

Saturday Evening Session:
Poster Viewing and Networking
Dinner and Awards Presentation
Dr Nicholas Weber
DAY 3 - Sunday 23rd October
0900Session 5
Debate: Will there be a cure for myeloma before I retire?
Affirmative: Prof Ajai Chari Vs Negative: Prof Katja Weisel
Prof Hang Quach
1015Morning Tea
Session 6
Australian Trials Update
Prof Andrew Spencer
1045Mass Spectrometry: Identification and Quantification of Monoclonal ImmunoglobulinsDr Stephen Harding
1110Mass Spectrometry: Australian DataProf Andrew Spencer
1130MRDR & AMaRC trials updateDr Sueh-Li Lim
1145ALLG trials updateProf Hang Quach
Meeting Close
(v) = virtual


Australasian Myeloma Research Consortium
Australasian Leukeamia & Lymphoma Group


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