Medical research is key to finding a cure for myeloma, and to improving the quality of life of the 18,000 Australians who are currently living with myeloma.

Myeloma Australia commissions, facilitates, funds and contributes towards research projects which advance care, treatment and the search for a cure for people living with myeloma.

In 2020 we created the Bob Moran Memorial Research Fund to commemorate our founder and patron and raise critical funds for research. Robert (Bob) George Moran OAM was the co-founder, past President and Patron of Myeloma Australia. He passed away in June 2020 and will be deeply missed by all of us at Myeloma Australia. Our organisation would not exist without Bob’s passion, drive and commitment. He has left a lasting impact on the myeloma community of Australia. This legacy will continue via the Bob Moran Memorial Research Fund.

Donations contributed to the Bob Moran Memorial Research Fund will be allocated to myeloma research projects within Australia. Myeloma Australia’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Group (MSAG) are the peak scientific group for myeloma in Australia. As a sub-committee of Myeloma Australia’s Board, MSAG decide where scientific and clinical research funds are invested.

Via our research contributions, we are committed to both the search for a cure for myeloma, and to ensuring that those living with myeloma enjoy the longest and most comfortable life possible, with the support of nurse-driven quality of life programs.

To-date Myeloma Australia has invested in several research projects and study grants, and we plan to increase the scale and impact of our research contributions and initiatives over the coming years.

If you are interested in discussing philanthropic opportunities for myeloma research, and/or learning more about the Bob Moran Memorial Research Fund, please contact:

Mark Henderson

Ph: 03 9428 7444

Robert (Bob) George Moran OAM