Running blog “Let the training commence”

“White rabbits” “pinch, punch first day of the month” also day one of my training for “Team Myeloma” City to Surf 2018! I have entered this event several times before so I know what I’m in for but it also coincides with the year that I hope to finally complete a half marathon. There I’ve said it out loud now so I’m committed.

I met my friend for an early morning run before the day gets crazy and despite the 6am start it is a lovely way to begin the day. Fortunately, the humidity in Sydney has lessened and it was actually a cool, refreshing 16 degrees. I have managed to talk my friend into joining “Team Myeloma” so now there’s two of us!

Please feel free to join our team and fundraise for Myeloma Australia. We can always coordinate some group training runs I’m sure or have a virtual team if you can’t be with us on the day.

I will keep you updated of our progress but would be interested to hear about other peoples adventures as well.

Keep moving!

Update May 2018:

Training has been going really well, up to running a comfortable 10kms however have just sustained a small injury which saw me miss the Mother’s Day Classic run at Paramatta park.

I didn’t want to miss out so I walked it with my girls, hopefully I’ll be back running in the next few weeks.

Team Myeloma is now registered so please join us if you want to be part of our first community fundraising event in NSW please register and join ‘Team Myeloma’ at

A social gathering of the myeloma community will be held following the event. If you have any questions feel free to contact Matt at

By Jacqui Keogh

NSW Myeloma Support Nurse

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