Myeloma Australia is the only Australian myeloma specific not-for-profit organisation.

We exist to support, educate, inform, empower and bring hope to people who are living with myeloma, and their loved ones.

We also raise community awareness and understanding of myeloma; educate health professionals involved in the care and treatment of those living with myeloma; advocate for improved patient access to the latest treatments at affordable prices; and facilitate myeloma research in Australia.

Myeloma Australia provides up to date information and caring support via our specialist myeloma nurses. All our services are provided free of charge to ensure equitable access. Our services include:

  • Myeloma Support Nurses
  • Myeloma Telephone Support Line
  • Information and Support Groups
  • Myeloma publications and fact sheets
  • Myeloma seminars, workshops and video links

Myeloma Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, endorsed by the Australia Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) and has charity tax concessions status.


      Myeloma Australia’s mission is to facilitate myeloma research in Australia, to support and inform those living with the disease and educate those involved in its care and treatment. Myeloma Australia is determined to raise community awareness and understanding of myeloma, and to improve patient access to the latest treatments at affordable prices.


      Myeloma Australia’s purpose is to:

      • enable those affected by myeloma to take control of their situation and work in partnership with their health professionals
      • support specialist clinicians and researchers and raise funds for myeloma research
      • raise awareness and understanding of the condition among health professionals and the wider community
      • create opportunities for fellowship within the myeloma community


      Myeloma Australia’s values are:

      • The needs of people with myeloma will always come first
      • We are passionate about assisting and improving the quality of life of Australians living with myeloma
      • We understand the myeloma experience and empathise with patients and family members
      • We will operate in an inclusive and transparent manner
      • We will present an organised and professional operation


      Myeloma Australia was formed in 1998 by a small number of driven people who were each profoundly affected by myeloma. They discovered for themselves that the path to myeloma diagnosis was often slow and uncertain, and that reliable information and access to support was scarce. Their response was to come together to form Myeloma Australia, in order to make the path easier for others in the future. One of our founders – Brian Rosengarten  – is still actively involved with Myeloma Australia as Past President and Board member. Another of our founders – Bob Moran – OAM – was also actively involved as our Patron up until he passed away in June 2020.

      How We Started

      Prompted by their health professionals, three couples who were impacted by myeloma (Bob and Glenys Moran, Brian and Roslyn Rosengarten and Donald and Judith Brown) met in August 1998.  They shared a desire to encourage the government, universities, scientists and the general public to dedicate time and money towards research into multiple myeloma.

      The meeting took place at the offices of the Cancer Council of Victoria and was facilitated by Pat Dobson, a Research and Development Officer with the Cancer Council.

      At that time their own investigations had indicated that very little scientific research was being directed towards the understanding and search for a cure for myeloma in Australia. They embarked on a mission to change this, leading to the birth of Myeloma Victoria, which later joined with other like-minded organisations in New South Wales and South Australia to become The Myeloma Foundation of Australia, now known as Myeloma Australia.