Sandy Roberts


Sandy Roberts is an icon in Australian media broadcasting, having commentated on more than 1,000 AFL Games, 11 Olympics and many more sporting events across 40+ years. His calls and his iconic voice are synonymous with some of the biggest moments in sport.

In May 2022, after retiring from his long career, Sandy was diagnosed with myeloma. He, like many, had never heard of the disease.  Sandy’s wife Carolyn went into research mode and eventually found her way to Myeloma Australia connecting, by the phone to one of our 15, specialist myeloma nurses. Through this experience Sandy came forward and offered his support of Myeloma Australia to become an ambassador and to use his profile to raise awareness.

This is now his Greatest Call. A call for more awareness, more investment, more support and to ultimately find a cure for myeloma.

All donations will go towards the Myeloma Impact Fund