The cure for myeloma is now closer than ever before and our researchers can feel it in their grasp. We at Myeloma Australia with our Medical and Scientific Advisory Group are determined to lead the pathway to cure for myeloma.

To achieve this, we need to; develop new treatments and refine existing treatments, develop and implement more sensitive diagnostic and monitoring tools, provide trusted information about these new treatments and tests and ensure they are available when and where they are needed, provide wholistic physical and mental wellbeing support to allow for best responses to treatments.

The Myeloma Impact Fund has a goal to raise $10 million per year for 10 years as this is what it will take to make a cure a reality for all Australians living with myeloma.

The Myeloma Impact Fund will facilitate activities in the following important areas of impact:


Facilitation of and collaboration on research projects which advance the care and treatment of people living with myeloma.


Advocating for equitable, timely access to new therapies, better combinations of existing therapies and clinical trials. This will ensure the highest standard of clinical care for Australian patients with multiple myeloma no matter their geographical location.


Provide equitable access to reliable information through resources, seminars, support groups and communications for people living with myeloma and their loved ones. Lead education for health care professionals in world’s best clinical practice in multiple myeloma.

Supportive Care

Maximising quality of life and longevity on treatment through providing guidance about toxicity management, infection prevention, exercise, nutrition, bone health and mental wellbeing.

Practice Statements

Improve the standard of care for myeloma through scientifically validated, critically appraised consensus guidelines for the myeloma community. All practice statements are available, open access through the Myeloma Australia website.

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