Celebration giving is an incredible way to mark a special occasion whilst supporting a cause you care passionately about.

If myeloma has touched your life or the life of a loved one, you might consider asking your loved ones to make a donation to Myeloma Australia instead of giving you a gift when you celebrate your next special occasion. Be it a birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, wedding or other special occasion – the contributions will make a lasting impact on people who are living with myeloma, and their loved ones.

All donations made by your loved ones are tax deductible, and we will issue them with a taxation receipt. Plus, you’ll feel amazing knowing that your special occasion became special for the myeloma community too.

You can direct your family and friends to this webpage to make a donation.

You can also set up an online giving page via our online fundraising platform, JustGiving. The page provides your loved ones with the option to leave a message with their donation, for you to treasure in the future.

For support with your celebration donations, please contact donations@myeloma.org.au or (03) 9428 7444.