The Myeloma Business Collective

Businesses that support the myeloma community

About The Myeloma Business Collective

The Myeloma Business Collective is a community of Australian businesses that stand with Myeloma Australia in our mission to support, inform, educate, empower and bring hope to those living with myeloma.

Business Collective members come in all shapes and sizes, from family-run small businesses to medium-large businesses. They hail from anywhere in Australia, including both metro and regional areas.

What does it mean to be a part of The Myeloma Business Collective?

The businesses who support us:

  • Often have a connection to the myeloma cause. Often a business owner, team member, loved one or friend is living with or lived with myeloma.
  • Are proud to not only tell their team members and customers about their support of Myeloma Australia, but also to engage them in the cause.
  • Are passionate about contributing to the myeloma community and making an impact for the 20,000 Australians who are currently living with myeloma, and their loved ones.
  • Have an intention of establishing a long-term, ongoing relationship with Myeloma Australia.

Elements of The Myeloma Business Collective

A commitment to helping us spread the word about myeloma.

Most people only hear about myeloma for the first-time when they or a loved one are diagnosed. We are on a mission to change that. Myeloma Business Collective members help us to spread the word about myeloma in their communities and through their staffing teams and customers. This looks different for each supporter, but some examples that we’ve seen so far include adding the statement ‘Proud Supporters of Myeloma Australia’ with a brief explanation about what myeloma is on company invoices, staff email signatures, company websites, social media sites and even company vehicles. It could also be as simple as announcing the relationship in your newsletter or on your socials.

An annual tax-deductible donation made to Myeloma Australia.

This goes towards our most pressing needs in sustaining and increasing our services for people living with myeloma around Australia. The donation amount varies for each partner and there is no minimum amount. Some businesses choose a set donation amount per year, whilst others choose to donate a percentage of their overall income.

Some of the businesses who are part of The Myeloma Business Collective also opt to engage in the following additional components:

In-kind support

This might include providing vouchers, hampers or gifts that we can use as thank-you gifts for seminar speakers; and/or as raffle or auction prizes for fundraising events. It might also include in-kind provision of goods or services that help our core operations and services. Your in-kind contribution can be fully or partially donated.

Staff engagement in community fundraising

Myeloma Australia participates in a number of fun runs/walks across the country, with individuals joining Team Myeloma and raising funds for our organisation whilst they run/walk/compete. Your business might be interested in putting together your own Team Myeloma for an event in your local area, which could also be a team building experience. Your team may also have an opportunity to be a part of the Charity TV Adventure All Stars television series, where a team member can represent your business all whilst raising funds to support Myeloma Australia.

Throw your weight behind 38mate

Myeloma awareness initiative called 38mate. There are ample opportunities for your business to engage in this initiative, including purchasing 38mate caps and posting photos of your team members in the caps on your socials, and for submission to our 38mate online photo gallery. You can also share our 38mate videos with your business networks.

Fundraising events

We host a range of fundraising events throughout the year. Your business may choose to purchase a table/tickets and send your team as a great team building opportunity. Or you might choose to give tickets to your customers or clients.

Myeloma Business Collective members

If you are considering joining our community of Business Collective members, you’ll be in good company. Here are some of the businesses who support Myeloma Australia:

And here’s what some of the businesses who partner with us have to say about why they’re passionate about the cause:

My Mum has been living with myeloma for quite a few years and I’ve seen the impact it has had on her life. Myeloma Australia do a lot of amazing work to support people like my Mum, so the least we can do is support them.
Jaddan Comerford, CEO and Founder

We are very grateful for the warm support Myeloma Australia provides to my Dad and the founder of Hiline Home Modifications, Brian, who is living with myeloma and also to my mother who is caring for him. We hope our support will assist in extending these services to other people and families living with myeloma. And we hope that one day a cure will be found for myeloma.
Paul Hoskin, Managing Director

Being directly impacted by myeloma, our business is pleased to be able to sponsor the ongoing practical support, knowledge exchange and myeloma community wellbeing which is delivered so well by Myeloma  Australia.”
Bruce Atkinson, Director

Let’s do this!

We would love to welcome your business into The Myeloma Business Collective. To move forward with this, or to request further information or have a chat about your options, please get in touch with our Community Engagement & Fundraising Executive, Robert O’Brien.

Robert O’Brien
M: 0401 043 904